REIK Panorama

Live at the Eccles presents REIK on Sunday, June 9, 2024 at the Eccles Theater on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. ArtTix is the official source for tickets for Live at the Eccles events.

His name, Reik, is already strong and has weight. Proof of this are the hundreds of concerts they offer every year throughout Latin America and the United States, the hits they have achieved on the radio and even the international brands that have requested their music for their advertising campaigns; No one would imagine that those three young people who arrived from Mexicali, Baja California, approximately 12 years ago, would develop a solid and permanent career so quickly.

Reik is made up of Jesús Navarro (vocals), Julio Ramírez (acoustic guitar) and Bibi Marín (electric guitar), three young musicians, talented and with their own personality, attributes that earned them a place in the music scene. Their debut single titled “Yo Quisiera” allowed them to immediately stand out nationally in 2005, with which the release of their first self-titled album quickly became a success.

From this first album, the songs “Qué Vida la Mía”, “Noviembre Sin Ti”, “Me Duele Amarte” and the aforementioned “Yo Quisiera” stand out, mostly pop songs and romantic ballads. In Mexico they obtained a Platinum Record due to the high sales of this production, as well as in Central America. This album was also released in the United States and various Latin American countries.

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