IL DIVO xx: 20th Anniversary

Live at the Eccles presents IL DIVO on Thursday, July 18, 2024 at the Eccles Theater in downtown Salt Lake City. ArtTix is the official source for tickets for Live at the Eccles events.

Twenty years of life, music, and brotherhood have only enlivened, enhanced, and enriched Il Divo. Like a fine wine bettered by time, the group’s individual notes, accents, and signatures have fully bloomed over the course of a storied career. Now, the iconic quartet—Urs Bühler (tenor) of Switzerland, Sébastien Izambard (tenor) of France, David Miller (tenor) of America, and Steven LaBrie (baritone) of America—uphold the spirit of their signature sound, while expanding its scope on their tenth full-length offering and very first independent album, “XX: 20TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM”  [Il Divo Music/Thirty Tigers].

“When you listen to XX, we hope it takes you on a journey between modern music and opera,” says Sébastien. “We’ve kept our voices intact, but our singing has evolved. It covers a wide emotional spectrum and shows our growth. We’re not complacent; we’re really stepping into the moment.”

“Whether you’ve been with us for 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, or a few hours, we want you to be moved by the music,” adds Urs. “This is an album that has the right to stand next to everything else we’ve done. After all of this time, we haven’t lost any of our love, passion, depth, strength, or power. Instead, we put as much blood, sweat, and tears into it as possible—maybe more.”

Il Divo are certainly no strangers to blood, sweat, and tears…

Since 2004, the Multi-Platinum classical crossover progenitors have emerged as a phenomenon buoyed by downright athletic displays of vocal prowess, unforgettable gigs around the world, and an indefinable magic between them. They have sold 30 million-plus units worldwide, scored 50 #1 hits, and earned 160 Gold and Platinum records across 35 countries. Between selling out tours on multiple continents, they’ve performed everywhere from the Summer Olympics and FIFA World Cup to Diamond Jubilee at Windsor and the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball.